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Welcome to Pinnovations. This site is dedicated to custom pinball design and control projects. Please see the Gooligan's Hooligans (project GH2006) custom home-made pinball machine project and Project Solar Ride 2004 details. Lots of crud to read there if you are bored and interested in controlling pinball machines. Also see some technical notes on the BasicX processor.

Not documented here are completed project CS2010 (redemption game) and in-progress game RF2014 (far a long).

Want to buy flyers, ads, books or parts for old pinballs? Go to Also stuff about the old Epic Pinball and Extreme Pinball games. Lots of original stories too.

Want to look at photos and images related to old pinballs and other coin-ops? Go to Former site.

Last updated: March 9, 2019

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